The Mackay marina logo without the letters, still very recognisable and representative.

Clarion Hotel


Mackay Marina is designed for vessels with a 3.5m draft at lowest astronomical tide.

It is a Port of Entry to Australia with Australian Customs and Border Protection & D.A.F.F.

on site.


The Marina Basin contains:

• 479 berths, available for purchase or rent -   including 102 purpose-built multi-hull berths

of varying size

• 6 Mega Berths of 50-metre capacity

• 12 Big Boat Berths for 30m+ mono-hull

and 25m+ multi-hull

• 32 commercial fishing berths - plus 1      maintenance berth and 3 unloading berths



For general enquiries click here to enquire by email or call 07 4955 6855.          



The logo of mackay marina village it represents the freedom and beaty of the surroundings in Mackay.
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