Mackay Marina Village showing accomidation and yacht berths.


The $150 million Mackay Marina Village and Shipyard project was implemented with extensive consultation with the Mackay Port Authority and Mackay City Council.


The precinct features extensive public access and walkways throughout. The incorporation of parkland areas is an integral part of the development.


Constructing the Marina was a challenging task as Mackay has a 6.5m tidal range. Before any development, a new breakwater using approximately 1,000,000 cubic m of rock was constructed (November 1998). The top of this sea wall forms a two-lane roadway and has become a tourist attraction in its own right for Marina tenants and locals alike. The Marina basin was designed to allow for the large tidal variations and the seawall prevents much of the swell entering the Marina basin.


The Marina is located on the best known stretch of coastline in Australia, often referred to as the “100 Magic Miles”. Mackay Marina is a convenient base for exploration of the world-famous Great Barrier Reef and the myriad unspoilt tropical islands that form the Southern Whitsundays. The reef and islands off the Mackay coast are unspoilt and pristine unlike the heavily touristed areas further north.


To find out more about Mackay please visit www.mackayregion.com.au

Mackay Marina Village boaut and moor view, with large sailing ropes.



The logo of mackay marina village it represents the freedom and beaty of the surroundings in Mackay.


The Mackay marina logo without the letters, still very recognisable and representative.

Clarion Hotel

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